Thursday, 26 March 2009

"Modern Warfare II"

The first teaser has finally arrived..


  1. What is it?????? Oh by the way, I know who you look like - Joey Fatone from NSYNC!!!!

  2. *sigh* girls... "what is it"... lol

    Cant w8 2 play that!!!!

  3. lol... ask your hubby...
    He'll know what it is... :)

    And I look like who...?
    I thought I looked like "chubby chops"...
    Some people have said i look like danny gokey, from American idol..
    If only I lived in America, I'd be stopped everyday for my autograph,lol..

    - Yeah m8, can not wait for this game...
    Terrorist Zombies Maybe.. :P

  4. Oh Terrorist Zombies!!! Why didn't you say sooner!!! I love the living dead xxx

  5. sounds a bit scary to me. better not listen as I don't want to have nightmares. Off to watch some Bob the Builder before my cup of hot milk and off to bed before 7pm. nite nite. jb