Tuesday, 17 March 2009

"One minute, I need to go to the Blog"

So what has you visiting my Blog then?
Did you click on here by mistake or somthing..?
Well anyhow, welcome to my Blog, however you got here..

What is my name, I hear you ask.?

Well I like to be called David but most people call me
"Dave Dunn" or
"The Puggy Dave" or
"The guy who sits at the computer desk"
But what can ya do?.. People will call you anything these days..

What do I do?

Well I am currently known as what's called "A Bum".
I am currently on the look out for that golden ticket
in that dairy milk chocolate bar..
But until then, I am looking for work in the Design
area, where I can express my creative side in
Illustration, Photography and Graphic Design.

Here is a little self portrait of meself,
so feel free to comment on the art style, but please
don't comment on how fulgy I look, I already know that..


  1. i think ill stick to calling ya David... ill let the name calling be for the other people,lol...

  2. As you know I love your art and I will always call you the most positive and uplifting names. See ya later chubby chops!!!